Steve Beat the Odds After Two Years of Unemployment!

Steve K is from Northeast Kansas and is a good friend of mine. Steve offered to tell me his story in order to help encourge others to stay positive. A couple years back Steve was laid off his job working at a leather company. For about 6 months he recieved unemployment while searching for another job. With not many people hiring in the area he was unable to find a job and his unemployment ran out. Because Steve could not afford his bills and living expenses he had to move back in with his parents. For about the next year and a half he continued to apply for jobs while helping his dad on the farm for some extra cash. Steve finally caught a break a few months ago when he applied to a new company in the area that makes the bases for street lights. He was hired on making decent wages and good benefits. Because the company was new and he was one of the first people hired he is now in a foreman position for the 2nd shift. He says even though he had to go through a rough patch that it was worth it. He says he has finally found a job he likes and is confident that it will be the last job he ever has to apply for. Steve now lives on his own again and has enough extra money to continue his hobbies and save up for retirement.


Unemployment Rate

So you listen to the news everyday to try to get a better handle on what’s going on in the workforce. You can’t quite put your finger on it but it seems as if the news anchor is talking in circles:

” The unemployment seems to have suffered a negative dip, offset by the large amount of hiring in the private sector, however with current rise in the gas prices and the layoffs occurring in government jobs the growth of the unemployment rate seems to have remained fairly stagnant but is slightly higher than what analysts predicted.”

Huh? The unemployment rate is a little less straightforward than many people think it is. However, this fun, informative video can help you follow what the unemployment rate actually means.


President Obama stated the other day that unemployment rates have fallen lower then they ever have before the other day. This is great for the economy. We need to make sure people who have lost their jobs know what they can do to either get another or try to find temporary work until they can get back where they need to be.