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The Review

Help America’s Unemployed is going to help you by reviewing your resume. In the next few days we will review and critique 10 people’s resumes and cover letters. Write us 1 paragraph about why you need a resume makeover and you could be one of the luck winners!

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Resume Examples

Your resume is the first thing many companies get to see before they choose to interview you. It represents what kind of person you are, your skills and how you can possibly benefit the company you are applying for. Resumes are probably one of the most important aspects of your job search. Did you know that there are different types of resumes that can be used throughout various times in your career? Chronological resumes are the ones most people are familiar with, they list your job titles in the order in which you performed the work with the mist recent job first. There are also functional resumes. These come in handy when you are changing career paths, you’ve been out of work for an extended period of time or when you are a student with limited experience in your field. Functional resumes focus on the skills you have acquired and used throughout ¬†your work history and places less importance on job titles and dates of employment. Here are some excellent resume samples to review in order to help you build a resume that will represent you well to a prospective employer.

Functional Resume Example

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Functional Resume Example

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Chronological Resume Example

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The Search…

I often keep multiple versions of my resume handy when I’m on the job hunt. I always tailor my resume to each individual job opening. If the position is looking for someone with experience in a technical field I highlight my technical experience. If they are looking for and academic I list the relevant classes I have taken in addition to my work experience. What your tips on how to look for work and how to land an interview?

Resume Writing Tips

Be sure to note these basic resume tips before applying for your next job!