Social Media and Your Job Search

I may be talking mostly to the younger folks in this particular post but a lot of the 40+ crowd has begun to keep up Facebook accounts and some large social networking accounts are mostly older professionals such as Linkedin. Whatever the age it is important to understand that social media can harm you during the job seeking process.

While it may seem like a good idea to post photos of yourself half drunk at that party you went to last week, think about how that may look to potential employer. Many employers look at social media during the hiring process and casting a negative light on your credentials is not the way to get in the door. On the other hand suppose you are older and you have gotten past your drunken stupor days, what other things can harm you job search besides unflattering images of yourself. Well things like talking badly about past employers, saying things that undermine previous companies, managers or teachers and even talking negatively (or being cocky) about the job interview that you had with the potential employer.

Overall ensuring that your profiles, from Twitter to Facebook and especially Linked In are clean, but not stodgy (dull, boring, lackluster). Ensure that they show a clear picture of the kind of person that you are but don’t overemphasize the types of things you don’t want your future employer to know.


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